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This place was the best dentistry I have ever been in. I had 2 root canal surgeries with Dr. Valiani and he was the best. I heard bad things about the root canal process and pains, but honestly it wasn’t bad at all. He is such a good dentist. He knows what he is doing so you can trust him so much. He saved me from that massive amount of pain I had and both root canals were successful. I liked his staff too. They were so nice and friendly. I highly recommend it.

– Banafsheh A.

I have been in the dental field for 18 years now. I can say Dr. Valiani is not only and HONEST man, but loves what he does. Now days it’s hard to find quality dentistry at an affordable price. Come by and visit our office.

– Klara C.

Great visit today. Dr. Valiani is the best and always does a phenomenal job. I will be back for further treatment and recommend this place to anyone looking for a dentist.

– Lili J.

One word to describe this dentist would be Awsome. Dr. Valiani is the type of dentist I wish I would have encountered a long time ago so that I could have avoided all the dental problems I now have as a result of the fear of going to the dentist.

Well needless to say, I’m sticking with Dr. Valiani because he’s professional, doesn’t try to upsell you, and will even try to save a tooth if he’s able. I had a wisdom tooth that needed to be pulled that I put off FOREVER. I must say that not only did he do an EXCELLENT job, but even called the next day personally to see if things were going okay after all of the work I had done that day.

I have more work that needs to be done and I don’t have the fear that I used to have of dentist anymore. His staff is also great as well. The office is quiet, very clean, well run and relaxing. The whole experience has a personal touch that I find lacking in many dental offices these days.

I don’t want to be told lies and sold dental packages that I don’t need, which was the case when I visited several dental offices before Dr. Valiani. I politely passed and they never even touched my teeth thank god. I’m so glad I found this dental office.

This is the kind of service that will keep me a loyal customer and also refer friends and family. If you’re looking for a straight forward dentist that does good work this is the place. Yeah, other places may have all these fancy gadgets and gizmos that a lot of people deem as “cutting edge” and “updated”, but I care more about my teeth and the customer service I receive.

I’m definitely getting the rest of my dental work done here.

– Ray G.

Last year my son almost died because of an uncaring self-centered greedy dentist who took thousands of dollars from us and sent my son home with an infected mouth that grew to an infection that almost killed him. Thank God I found Dr. Valiani. He had to do the same work all over again for my son due to the infection still deep in his gums. I was worried about how much this was going to cost me again. Dr. Valiani charged me less than half of what the other fancy dentist in a very fancy high rise office did and Dr. Valiani did more work on my son. Dr. Valiani not only removed all of the infection but he also made sure to inject the gums with extra anti-bacterial medication. Something the other dentist should have done for my son but did not. When the other dentist was paid his $3000.00, he stopped working on my son and sent others to do the work. I had to beg the receptionist to talk to him and make him check on my son. The dentist let me know it was a bother to him. On one occasion one of the many different hygienists he sent in to work on my son, was extremely ill, and was not wearing a mask. She kept sneezing all over my son while working on him. All I know is that when my son was done with having his teeth worked on, he developed such a horrible virus that he almost died. On our last visit with this dentist, I asked him if he had gotten all the infection out of my son’s mouth, he said “No”. He said that my son had a low grade infection and with proper brushing and flossing it should go away. Well it didn’t. For over a year I had to find a way to bring my kid back from the jaws of death. This has cost me and my family over $30,000.00 On top of everything else, every visit my son made, this dentist made sure to embarrass my son before he left the office.

When I chose Dr. Valiani I was very unhappy with the whole dental profession. Dr. Valiani changed that view for me and my son. First off, he is the kindest, most gentle person to his patients. Not once has he ever embarrassed or been cruel to my son about the condition to his teeth and gums. There is nothing worse than paying someone thousands of dollars and then having them talk down to you. Dr. Valiani knows the lack of care my son has taken with his teeth but never once did he ever say so. He just presented the situation to us and then gave us a solution. He uses the very best equipment and technology and the very best hygienists. His hygienist/workers are even nicer if that is possible. They too never make you feel ashamed for having neglected your teeth. Second, Dr. Valiani’s prices are fair. For us, they were extremely fair. When he quoted me only $800.00 to fix my son’s mouth, doing the same work, plus more as the previous dentist, I was so grateful. Every dentist has their pricing, some high some low. The cost for them to do business is extremely high. When I go into Dr. Valianis dental rooms, I see nothing but the most expensive, newest, high tech equipment. I know this stuff cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. This alone made me feel more secure in knowing I was getting a dentist who is going to use the latest technology to work on my son. Well, to make a very long story shorter, Dr Valiani, doesn’t know this, and I will never tell him, but he has helped in saving my sons life. By making sure that all work done on my son removed all the bacteria, he has helped to restore my son’s health. My son’s gums are completely healed and beautiful and my son is once again thriving. So, last but not least, if you want the best care, kind and friendly service, highest quality in technology and results, then go and see, “Dr.Valiani”. As soon as I can, he will be working, extensively, on my teeth and the rest of my families’. We have all noticed.

– Kathy D.

I really lucked out by finding Dr. Valiani! I had a terrible experience with a chain-type dental practice, and was scared off from dealing with an imminent root canal and wisdom tooth extractions. I was initially drawn to Dr. Valiani due to the proximity to my job and that he does IV Conscious Sedation. After visiting there for the first time, it was clear that I had found my dentist moving forward.

I don’t know if you have a fear of anything involving dentistry (for me it’s needles), but the ENTIRE STAFF are so respectful, sensitive and nurturing to fearful patients. Not only will they treat you so kindly that you will have no reservations coming back, but they will also perform some of the most accurate and painless work imaginable.

I’ve already taken care of my root canal, and just got my wisdom teeth extracted — both procedures a success. Very reasonable price and partially covered through Delta Dental. I’d recommend going here even if you need to drive from Los Angeles or San Diego because they really are the best!

– Kevin K.

I’ve been going here for the past 2 years. I think I have had a total of 6 visits. I originally found this place as I had a tooth chipped with the root exposed. They were able to squeeze me in the next morning due to the emergency. The whole experience was amazing, they explained exactly what they were doing, and went over the costs PRIOR to any procedure.

Not only the Dr. Valiani is amazing but their staff is A+. I’ve been to offices with rude staff, outrageously high prices, lower quality work, etc. This play is a breath of fresh air when it comes to dental offices. Highly recommended.

– Tim C.

After years of avoiding the dentist out of fear, the day came with excruciating pain that I was going to have to see a dentist. I did some searching and reviewing online I came across this office and I am so thankful I did.

My initial consultation was with Dr. Valiani and he was very helpful in putting me at ease and taking the time to explain what I was going to need done to eliminate my pain as well as not condemning me for neglecting my teeth for so long. Turns out I was going to need 2 root canals and 2 fillings.

My follow up visits with Dr. Valiani have been awesome. I had the two fillings and a crown done and have to say that my procedures have been completed with minimal pain and discomfort. My hygienist Jacky is great as well. I have completed all of my deep cleanings and have healthy teeth and gums.

If you have fear of the dentist or just want a dental office that does great work with great people, this is the place.

– George G.

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